chinese business cultureIt was only a few years ago that Mainland China was seen as a mystery to most people outside of China. Today, Chinese business, Chinese culture, Chinese food, Chinese herbs, Chinese movies are being appreciated in every corner of the earth regardless of their race or nationality! Let us take you into a fascinating tour of modern China and it's fascinating people and culture!


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Mainland China economy is one of the largest powerhouse in the world today! In just two short decades, China has raced from a third world country to jostle for position as one of the world's most influential economic power.


Exciting things are happening in Mainland China. In recent years, more and more people travel to China for Chinese business and trade and with the Olympics to be held in Beijing, China, in Year 2008, it is expected that China travel will shoot up tremendously. Everyday, there are enormous crowd eager to visit the popular Chinese tourists resorts such as The Great Wall of China, Tiananmen Square and the Heaven Temple on a daily basis. Not only are there many people in China today eager to see historical sights, many people are in China today to exchange cultural and business links and ties.

Mainland China and the Chinese are rooted in thousands of years of rich Chinese culture and history. Chinese culture is sometimes seen as a mystery to most people outside of Chinese speaking community. With this website, we hope to gather the neccessary resources for people outside of China, to understand the social, cultural, history, business and other fascinating details behind today's China!

Life in modern China - Living and working in mainland China

work in chinaMany of us outside mainland China are curious and eager to understand the rising Dragon that is of China today. We are keen to know how it's troubled history and a tough communist past would affect it's new social and economic liberalization and increasing trade ties with the rest of the world.

Short of living in China itself, the most common way is to read through thick academic books or browse through glossy tourist brochures. However, if you are serious about understanding the country that has been dubbed by economists as - The next decade is a China decade - you need to understand what is is the way of life in China living and working with the Chinese in Mainland China. Learn More About Living and working in China.

March 2011 article on National Georgraphic Magazine

"In a valley just over the Song Mountains, tour buses prepare to disgorge their daily load of visitors at the Shaolin Temple. They come from all over the People's Republic—uniformed soldiers on leave, businessmen on junkets, retirees on package holidays, young couples leading wide-eyed children kicking and chopping the air with exuberant expectation—all to see the birthplace of China's greatest kung fu legend...The Shaolin Temple has helped foster an undeniable kung fu renaissance, which has coincided with China's own resurgence as an international power. Nowhere is this more evident than in Dengfeng, a sprawling city of 650,000 just six miles from the temple gates. Here some 60 martial arts academies have sprouted over the past two decades and now boast more than 50,000 students. A drive down a main road passes some of the biggest schools. They rise like Vegas casinos, with towering dormitories adorned with murals of kung fu fighters, dragons and tigers." Read on.


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The Chinese language is one of the most popular language in the world used by the most people - surpassing even the English language.

With Chinese culture gaining popularity and the Chinese economy growing at a phenomenal pace, being able to read, write and understand Chinese has becoming increasing important and popular. Unfortunately, Chinese is also one of the most difficult language to learn on it's own.

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Foot reflexology is popular with Chinese as well as Japanese, Korean and Thai societies.

Chinese Foot ReflexologyFoot reflexology has been practiced for centuries in Chinese and other Asian societies. Read about foot reflexology and how, when used in combination with wood extract foot plasters, achieve detoxification of body waste that are more healthy and less dangerous than any other detoxification method currently practized in western societies. If you are keen to pick up a ancient Chinese herbal healing method that has been proven to work over the centuries, you need to look further into detoxification and reflexology. Check out the benefits of reflexology now

Chinese Green Tea has been scientifically proven to be beneficial to health

Chinese Green TeaIn 1994 the Journal of the National Cancer Institute published the results of an epidemiological study indicating that drinking green tea reduced the risk of esophageal cancer in Chinese men and women by nearly sixty percent.

Check out the health benefits of Chinese Green Tea now!

Chinese pain relief patches and ointment

Chinese pain relief patches and ointmentsChinese Traditional Medicine(TCM) is famous for it's effective holistic treatment and herbal medication. Do you or your loved ones suffer from muscle pain, joint aches or back pain? Check out the pain relief patches and ointments using traditional formulas handed down by Shaolin Temple monks over the centuries. These patches and ointments are produced in modern pharmaceutical factories today. Click here for Chinese pain relief patches and ointments.

Love Chinese Food? Learn to cook with easy to learn Chinese food recipes

chinese cookingLove Chinese Food? Did you find it tough to even think about picking up Chinese cooking? Now, for the first time ever, you can not only love Chinese food but you can actually learn to cook Chinese food by yourself!

Learn about Chinese culture food and the special sauces and spices that gives the wonderful colour, aroma and taste so often associated with Chinese food. If you can follow simple pictures and instructions, you can be a Chinese food cook with this simple to use and understand cook book! Find Out More About Easy To Learn Chinese Recipes!

Unique Lingzhi flavored coffee!

Chinese LingzhiNo more guilty pangs when drinking coffee! Lingzhi, also known as Reishi, has been the undisputed health herb of the Chinese for many centuries.It is treated with even greater value and reverence than Ginseng from the ancient Chinese doctors. Today, you can enjoy Lingzhi flavored coffee and gain all the wonderful health effects of Lingzhi! Click here for more information about Lingzhi flavored coffee

Everyone, young or old, sick or healthy, can benefit from the positive health effects from the ancient Chinese art of Qigong!

Chinese QigongQigong is an ancient Chinese art that is very close but not exactly like the more famous Tai Chi. Learn how you can benefit from Qigong by practising for just 10-20 minutes a day using techniques and methods that are suitable for anyone from 7 to 70 years old. Techniques in this book has been refined from the ancient methods to suit the modern busy lifestyle. Click here to Learn About Qigong!

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Travel to China Info
Let us help you in planning your China or Asia travel itinery

Free China and Asia travel brochures and information

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Chinese tai chi

Guan’s 5 Steps System of Tai Chi Breathing in his latest e-book “Basic Tai Chi Breathing: A Simple Step By Step Guide”.

Feng Shui Secrets Made Easy

Mystic Chinese Feng Shui Secrets Made Easy

Get a free chapter and see how the ancient art of Chinese Feng Shui can be easily learned and applied. Tap cosmic energies for success in school, work, romance and family!

Chinese Festivals and Holidays
The Chinese observe a wide variety of traditional and modern holidays based on the traditional lunar calendar. The traditional Chinese calendar was based on a lunar cycle-- that is, dates following the regular appearance of the full moon.

chinese tour and travel

Chinese New Year
The Spring Festival is the most important festival for the Chinese people and is when all family members get together, just like Christmas in the West.

The Lantern Festival
Lanterns of various shapes and sizes are hung in the streets. Children will hold self-made or bought lanterns to stroll with on the streets, extremely excited.

Dragon Boat Festival
Dragon boat racing is an indispensable part of the festival, held all over the country.

QingMing Festival
All cemeteries will be crowded with people who will sweep tombs, offer food and burn incence for their departed ancestors.

Mid-Autumn Festival
The moon is extremely round, big and bright on the 15th day of each lunar month. People will celebrate by sipping tea, eating moon cakes and enjoying the full moon.


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